CadPro company is one of the first enterprises in Vietnam operating in the software and design automation section. We work in numerous industries, such as:

  • Production of computer software;
  • Consulting for projects in the fields of automation and information technology;
  • Consulting and designing information technology systems, automation systems, information control; 
  • Consulting and designing equipments and machines for information control and sofware integration;
  • Website design, computer system design with integrated hardware, software and communications technology, designing LAN, WAN networks; 
  • Research, manufacturing, fabrication, installation, repair and maintenance of machineries and equipments used in information technology, automation, electronics and telecommunications;; 
  • Installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment, installation of transmission equipment for microwave and cable network routing information, installation of environmental remediation; 
  • Production of smoke alarms, burglar alarms; 
  • Construction of lighting systems including: interior and exterior lighting, traffic lights; 
  • Installation of environmental technologies, industrial automation, biotechnologies; 
  • Manufacturing, assembly and sale of machineries and equipments for measuring, testing and remediating the environment;
  • Weather forecast programs broadcasted on TV channels