CadPro TMS

CadPro Traffic Management System(CadProTMS) was granted the Copyright registration number 1 1 02/201 3/QTG. Using high performance computing, intelligent image processing, intelligent traffic control and modern equipment, CadPro has integrated, developed, installed CadProTMS.

It is an intelligent traffic control system that satisfies international standards. It monitors and controls modern transportation networks to ensure highway safety as well as minimize congestion and accidents for urban roads in Vietnam. CadProTMS has been installed and employed in Vietnam in various areas:

- Automatic warning system for crossing railway (Gold Cup of the Asia Pacific ICT Award for the best ICT application in industry); monitoring and assisting system for train drivers CadProGPS.
- Automatic scoring system for driver’s license test (first prize VIFOTEC, WIPO Gold Medal) -control system for complex traffic intersections in the Hanoi.
- System to control traffic monitoring cameras for the Stop Light Control Center - Hanoi
- Operating system for tollbooths on highways.
- System to handle offenses to traffic safety laws at the QL1 A Phap Van - Ninh Binh Highway.
- Intelligent Transportation Control system for Cau Gie - Ninh Binh Highway