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In the 4.0 industrial revolution, digital and automation technologies are applied in many fields to replace traditional manual methods. Safety security surveillance is no exception; developed countries are now very successful in applying advanced camera technologies in traffic control as well as safety security surveillance. In Vietnam, Software - Automation - Control Joint Stock Company has successfully implemented the solution of applying IP camera technology and intelligent video processing system in traffic control and automatic security monitoring in many big cities.


CadProTEC is the solution to use high resolution IP cameras in combination with hardware and software systems at the Control Center for traffic control. The smart features of the system are built based on automatic data collection thanks to video processing algorithms obtained from cameras. The software system is deployed along with the integrated device design and installation in the field, which has created many systems that are effectively applied in practice such as the Hanoi City Traffic Control Center, Traffic Operating Center on Cau Gie - Ninh Binh Expressway, Center for Traffic Signal Lights and Public Transport in Da Nang City. The completed system has effectively supported the functional agencies to detect and handle violations of traffic safety and at the same time supervise the traffic situation and safety and security in the area 24/24.

System components

CadProTEC's road traffic safety monitoring system consists of 2 modules that are peripheral devices and centers connected with information through the information transmission network (wireless or wired).


Figure 1: System component architecture diagram


Figure 2: Operational architecture of the system


CadProTEC system is used to support traffic monitoring, “cool” violations of vehicles through the camera system. The system can work together with CadProVNM to record and observe videos of cameras collected from the scene on large format screens. CadProTEC receives events analyzed from video processing software such as CadProLPR, CadProVDS, etc. These software are responsible for integrating video signals and sensor signals obtained from devices placed in the field to analyze and give warning events accompanied by visual evidence of violations of traffic safety order.


Applied technologies


CadPro's system building solution is built on the basis of a combination of the most advanced technologies currently being applied effectively in the world. With the ability to self-master core technologies and manufacture domestic devices, the price is at a competitive level and lower than similar systems imported from abroad. In addition, the system also has outstanding advantages in adapting to the specific conditions of culture, environment and policies in traffic in Vietnam. CadPro has many years of experience applying the following advanced technologies to effectively implemented projects.


  • High resolution IP camera technology: CadPro is the official development partner of the world's leading IP camera providers such as AXIS.

Certificate of Solution Gold Partner for years 2015,2016,2017,2018 and 2019

  • Network video recording and distribution technology: Developed by the Company with CadProVNM brand. The system allows recording and viewing of videos with an unlimited number of cameras.

  • License plate recognition technology: CadProLPR digital identification software system developed in the country has overcome the identification errors of foreign software when the license plate numbers in Vietnam are frequently contaminated with mud screw on the license plate.

  • Traffic video sensor technology: CadPro has invested in research and development of CadProVDS software system to enable trapping of movements in the video to measure traffic flow; automatically detects the warning of traffic violations such as stopping improperly, going on the wrong lane, crossing the road, overtaking the right vehicle, passing the red light at the intersection,etc.

  • Graphic processing and videowall technology: Using the foundation of CadPro PowerPlus computer technology bundle, the company has many years of experience providing products that require high graphics processing techniques on devices. Demonstration of screen walls such as ship simulation systems, driving practice, weather calculations, etc.

  • Global Positioning System Technology: For many years, CadPro Vietnote product line has been developed by the Company for the purpose of monitoring the journey of vehicles such as trains, buses, etc. via GPS devices.

Successful case in Vietnam

  • Hanoi City

    With a network of 430 cameras for observation and 613 technical cabinets for analyzing traffic conditions, dealing with timely rescue, as a basis for optimal traffic control in accordance with the strategy, releasing congestion and improving information amount of transport of vehicles on the main routes.

Traffic control and monitoring Center in 54 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi

  • Danang City

    The investment of 130 cameras to monitor and handle violations on key routes has brought about practical results, video data from the camera for the City Police to “cool” sanction the traffic violations to improve people's participation in traffic, and limiting congestion.



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